40-odd things about me

…or is that 40 odd etc? You be the judge. Just as long as you’re not jury and exe­cu­tion­er too.

Enough blath­er. Here we go:

1. What time did you get up this morn­ing? 7:45 AM.

2. Dia­monds or Pearls? Which one’s going for more these days?

3. What was the last film you saw at the cin­e­ma? Chil­dren of Men. Awe­some film, but the book’s kind of a lit­tle dull. Tonight we’re going to see 300.

4. What is your favorite TV show? Com­e­dy: Cor­ner Gas. Dra­ma: Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca. News: The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

5. What did you have for break­fast? Cere­al, a banana, and OJ.

6. What is your mid­dle name? James.

7. What is your favorite cui­sine? Italian.

8. What foods do you dis­like? Turnips. Borscht. Cau­li­flower. his is the true axis of evil, my friends.

9. Your favorite Pota­to chip? Pringles, I would have to say, fol­lowed by Old Dutch.

10. What cd have you been lis­ten­ing to late­ly? I’ve ripped a whole bunch of CDs to MP3, and so my mix is made up of things like Faith No More, Primus, Rob Zom­bie, the smalls, Corb Lund, and the Lost High­way sound­track. I’ve ordered Beau­ti­ful South’s best-of CD, Sol­id Bronze, and it is appar­ent­ly on its way west from TO even as we “speak”.

11. What kind of car do you dri­ve? Ford Escort.

12. Favorite sand­wich? Open-faced hot beef sand­wich. With mashed pota­toes on the side.

13. What char­ac­ter­is­tics do you despise? What­ev­er it is that makes peo­ple care about celebri­ties more than they care about their own family.

14. What are your favorite clothes? Jeans and cot­ton shirts or tee shirts. (Here I’m cloning Doug’s answer, because it’s exact­ly mine anyways.)

15. If you would go any­where in the world on vaca­tion, where would you go? I’d love to see Ice­land, espe­cial­ly to vis­it the orig­i­nal Þingvel­lir.

16. Favorite brand of cloth­ing? Inas­much as I have a favourite, it’d be Lev­i’s jeans.

17. Where would you want to retire? Gim­li has a strong appeal to it.

18. Favorite time of day? About five min­utes after I get home from work.

19. Where were you born? Canada.

20. What is your favorite sport to watch? Judo, I sup­pose. Does MXC count as a sport?

21. Who do you think will not send this back? Irrel­e­vant ques­tion since I’m not send­ing this to any­one. If you like the meme, pick it up.

22. Per­son you expect to send it back first? Huh?

23. Pep­si or Coke? Coke, all the way.

24. Beavers or Ducks? If I don’t say “Beavers” they revoke my Cana­di­an cit­i­zen­ship. I think. I’m not about to test their patience.

25. Are you a morn­ing per­son or night owl? Morn­ings are what they call a “nec­es­sary evil”. Empha­sis on the evil.

26. Pedi­cure or Man­i­cure? Uh… I use nail clip­pers instead of my teeth, does that count?

27. Any new and excit­ing news you’d like to share? Not overly.

28. What did you want to be when you were lit­tle? Thank to the TV show Emer­gency! I want­ed to be a fireman–I think it was the sirens on the trucks. Then I dis­cov­ered read­ing, and through it I dis­cov­ered writ­ing, and things were nev­er the same since.

29. What is your best child­hood mem­o­ry? Climb­ing trees in the neigh­bours’ yard.

30. Ever been toi­let paper­ing? Nope.

31. Been in a car acci­dent? Only minor ones. By which I mean, noth­ing Autopac had to be noti­fied about.

32. Favorite restau­rant? The Dou­ble Deck­er tav­ern, but I don’t seem to go very often.

33. Favorite flower? Stargaz­er lily.

34. Favorite ice cream? Soft ice cream from the Vel­vet Dip. Best ice cream ever, but pos­si­bly the most unfor­tu­nate initials.

35. Favorite fast food restau­rant? McDon­ald’s, even though I know it’s baaaaaaad for me. Them fries have a hold on me.

36. How many times did you fail your dri­vers test? Once. I hit a post on the par­al­lel park­ing test.

37. Which store would you choose to max out your cred­it card? Prob­a­bly McNal­ly Robin­son.

38. Who are you most curi­ous about their respons­es to this? You.

39. Last per­son you went to din­ner with? Din­ner like sup­per, or din­ner like lunch? I went to sup­per with my wife Kath­leen; I went to lunch with my friend Kevin.

40. How many tat­toos do you have? Zero and counting.

41. How many peo­ple are you send­ing this to? Any­one with a web brows­er, I sup­pose. In theory.

42. What time did you fin­ish this e‑mail blog post? 11:13 PM.

43. Favorite mag­a­zine? Does A List Apart count? How about Strange Hori­zons?

44. If you could meet any famous per­son, who would it be? I have no idea. Is Michael Swan­wick con­sid­ered famous? William Gibson?

45. If you could choose anoth­er first name, what would it be? I know a guy that named his son “Odin” (the boy goes by his mid­dle name, though). I think that would be a cool name. But I’m not sure I’m up to putting out an eye in exchange for wis­dom, or pierc­ing myself with a spear and hang­ing from Yggdrasil for nine nights.

46. If you could change your pro­fes­sion right now, what would you be doing? Writ­ing full-time and pulling in the mon­ey to sup­port some nerd habits.

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  1. I remem­ber when I was a kid, night time TV includ­ed an hour of Emer­gency! fol­lowed by Adam12. Yup, I loved those air shots of the fire trucks com­ing out of the sta­tion. Get chills just think­ing about it.

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