Another Brick in the Wall (flickrblogging — 3459)

Dis­cov­ered in six times mighty’s Flickr photostream. 

Dude… You’re play­ing ‘In The Flesh’… from ‘The Wall’… in front of… a wall…”

Richie, please, man, you’re embar­rass­ing me. You need to find a room and sleep it off. And maybe next time only have one of your brown­ies before the show.”

…cos­mic, man…”

Richie, I don’t even know any Pink Floyd songs. I’ve been play­ing Mozart all damn night.”


* * *

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5 thoughts on “Another Brick in the Wall (flickrblogging — 3459)

  1. I like it. I always get Sev­er­al Species of Small Fur­ry Ani­mals Gath­ered Togeth­er in a Cave and Groov­ing with a Pict mixed up with Eine kleine Nacht­musik myself.

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