“I’m there right now”

Warning: Freaky spooky content ahead. Don’t click unless you like the heebie-jeebies (or the jibblies, if you’re a Strong Bad fan).

Today, on YouTube, I discovered two of the eeriest moments committed to celluloid, and they’re both from David Lynch films.

Chronologically first, here’s a snip from Lost Highway:

I have the soundtrack to this film. The song that brackets the clip is titled “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, IIRC.

Aaaaaaaaaaand after that bit of spookiness, this one should seem downright normal. From Mulholland Dr.:

The singer is named Rebekah Del Rio, and there’s quite the story behind that song and its appearance in Mulholland Dr.

These two clips have something in common: When I saw the respective films that they come from, each one was the one piece that stuck with me the most. Both had that spooky quality that just embedded them in my mind.