Well, I got my prob­lem fig­ured out. I had to blow away my brows­er pref­er­ences and start fresh, but it works now. (If I’d had time and incli­na­tion, I prob­a­bly could’ve used a less apoc­a­lyp­tic method, but, well, meh.)

Also: Last night I out­lined about three-quar­ters of the mid­dle act (which is where my long projects usu­al­ly start to sag), and fin­ished up the sec­ond chap­ter, too. More writ­ing, if not tonight, then tomor­row for sure. Plus I got some more of the site for this ser­i­al-sto­ry project spruced up.

Stay tuned, and keep warm!