You know how sometimes, you can look at a problem from 800 different angles, and it just won’t go away? And you just know there’s a simple solution; the problem is just picking the correct simple solution from the infinity of incorrect ones.

And you know how sometimes, it’ll filter in your mind, and suddenly you’ll have this epiphany, this flash of insight, and you know the answer? And it turns out you’re right?

I’m halfway there. I haven’t had the epiphany yet, but I’ve got One of Those Problems. Nothing life-threatening; just something that’s intellectually aggravating. And Tech Support is involved, too.


Did some writing tonight, too. At least that went well. I have some research to do. Things I would like to know include:

  • Burial customs in the 17th Century (Boston? New York?)
  • 17th-C slang
    • Things of that ilk.


2 thoughts on “Ping

  1. I keep hoping the muse will cough up an ending to my romance novel. But she won’t share. Just keeps telling me to start writing where I left off. Trust me, she says. It’s a surprise!

    The bitch.

  2. Oh, I have the ending, oh yes. It’s rare that I’ll start a story without an ending. My Achilles heel is usually the middle.

    But I have most of the middle outlined now, too. Should be interesting.

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