I’ve been tagged!

List five truths. Five things that are on your mind. Good, bad, it mat­ters not. Lift some weight off.

  1. Some­times hang­ing out with friends is more impor­tant than a good night’s sleep.
  2. Just about any­thing can be found on the inter­net.
  3. There’s always some­one who knows more than you. Learn from him, her, or it.
  4. Being cold sucks worse than get­ting “toque hair”.
  5. I may not know art, but I know what I like.
  6. Lat­er: I real­ized I for­got a most impor­tant truth: “The truth, Bink­ley, is that you look like a carrot.”

Then pick five peo­ple to do the same.
Craig. Doug. Gabriele. Clark. And you, who­ev­er you are.

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4 thoughts on “5

  1. Okay, only one truth is need­ed here… How did you get into my head?
    And OMFG, Viking Kittens!Manic Head­bang­ing Viking Kit­tens with speech bub­bles,?!?!?!I gig­gled every time the “aaaaaaaaa-ah!” bub­ble appeared… then, Cutesy dia­logue with snarls… That con­cept could improve vir­tu­al­ly every roman­tic film made.
    And two of my fave quotes on the first page of yours I’ve ever seen? KA and Bink­ley indeed.
    I think I’m gonna have to come back when I have more time…

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