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Some­times Igraine would have to go down the axis to the ship’s engine room, where the walk­ing dead worked, men and women so rid­dled with can­cer that they did­n’t both­er to pre­tend any­more that they’d sur­vive. They had a ghast­ly humor down there, a gal­lows humor, and one of them had set up a spher­i­cal force-field and filled it with water, just to see it glow with blue Cerenkov radi­a­tion. Igraine hat­ed hav­ing to go to the engine room, hat­ed see­ing the thin, crow­like engi­neers, sprout­ing dark tumors and cough­ing out blood and teeth, rain­ing hair. She’d go in, hand them the flow cor­rec­tions she’d cal­cu­lat­ed, and flee, hat­ing her­self for her fear.