Thirteen smiles

Things that make me smile. Reasons to be cheerful, as they say.

  1. My darling wife:
  2. This one’s a little image-heavy, so I’ve added the “Continue Reading” link.

  3. Loud obnoxious music, to wit:

    Rob Zombie–“Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)”

  4. And the (very) occasional country tune, like this one:

    Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans–“The Truck Got Stuck”

  5. Judo:
    What I do for fun
  6. Prunes, if they’re done right:
    The best food to come out of Iceland.  Ever.
  7. Wicked cool bass and wacko lyrics:

    “A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I got a gal who wears her toenails long, drives a red Barracuda singin’ meatpacker songs, and she ain’t from Kalamazoo”
  8. Being silly because I can:
  9. The smell of lilacs:
    Photo by “mjseee”
  10. Cookies:
    Coolest.  Cookies.  Evar.
  11. Springtime:
  12. Lego:
    Viking Boat
  13. Someday I would like to ride in a hot-air balloon:
    CKY News balloon
  14. Did I mention my darling wife?
    Us, down at the beach

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9 thoughts on “Thirteen smiles

  1. #5 – Prunes? I don’t get you, man.

    #8 – Ahhhh. Yeah, that would make me smile too.

    #9 – Ha! You got me. I smiled.

    #11 – Too cute. 🙂

    #13 – Awww!

    Great T13! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a grand Thursday!

  2. ~Stacy~:
    #5 – Prunes? I don’t get you, man.
    Then you’ve obviously never eaten vinerterte, which is pictured in the photo. Mmmmmmmm… (Oh well, more for me.)

    K T Cat
    Lego does indeed rock the casbah. One day I hope to visit Legoland.

  3. Post the prune recipe!

    Mine’s up, but you knew that. In answer to your question, if she asked you to lick up some kool-aid powder you’d do it, right? I knew you would.

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