Things that annoy me

No Left Turn

Atten­tion dri­vers in my town: This sign means “No Left Turns”. It applies to you. Yes, even you. If you see this sign, you are not allowed by law to make a left turn.

Not even in the Wal-Mart park­ing lot.

* * *

What right-think­ing, ratio­nal indi­vid­ual decid­ed that, in the VBScript lan­guage, the Boolean val­ue False would equate to 0, and True would equal ‑1? I mean really.

Or were there CInt(False) right-think­ing, ratio­nal indi­vid­u­als on the team that cre­at­ed the VBScript specs and code? Hmmm, that would explain quite a lot.