FlickrBlogging: Turkish Coffee

Found in weerasak’s Flickr photostream. 

She invit­ed me in. While I sat in front of the fire, fum­bling toward satori as I let my mind van­ish in the per­fect ran­dom­ness of the flames, she bus­tled about in the kitchen. A dim cor­ner of my mind, ignored, heard the rat­tle of met­al on met­al as she retrieved a tiny pot from its niche deep with­in a cupboard.

The last log had shriv­eled into hot white coals by the time she came into the den with two thim­bles of strong, sweet cof­fee. I’d nev­er tast­ed any­thing so fine, I told her. It’s Turk­ish cof­fee, she told me.

In silence, lis­ten­ing to the hiss and crack­le of wood turn­ing to ash and vapor, we drank.

3 thoughts on “FlickrBlogging: Turkish Coffee

  1. See? I knew you’d be good at this.

    I could­n’t find any­thing that inspired me enough to write a sto­ry. Just Mr. and Mrs. Snappy-in-Silk.

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