Holy, holy crap

What a day, what a day
If you can look it in the face and hold your vomit
–Faith No More

Well, it wasn’t that bad.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you arrive at work and there’s a sign on the doors to your building:

Please keep out of building

The Big Equipment Better still is when they bring in the heavy equipment.

But the best is when the power still isn’t on when you go home for the day.

OK, here’s the deal. The power went out, campus-wide, sometime Sunday night, sometime between 10:00 PM (when the showing of Domino ended at the Evans) and 1:30 AM (when my boss got called in, presumably). By 4:30 AM, they had all the buildings back on except the McKenzie Building, where I work, the Music Building, and the Westman Auditorium. But–and here’s where things get weird–my computer had power. I was able to turn it on, even though I’m in a building without power. Turns out that the power poles in my office–one of which my computer is plugged in to–have power coursing through them, since their power comes out of the Library, which is attached to the McKenzie Building. But I still have no network. Well. I go and get the key for the network closet. Whaddaya know–it’s all lit up in there. Obviously its power comes from the Library too.

But it gets its network from the network closet on the main floor, which–as I discover in my adventures this morning–is black as night.

Hmmm. So my co-worker rigs up a lo-o-o-o-o-ong network cable from the closet to a jack in the Library, and now everything’s hunky-dory. Except we can’t turn on the lights, which is no biggie since we have big windows, and there’s no air circulation, which is a bit of a problem because it’s getting hot in the office. It was about 78°F or 26°C when I left to come home, and I see no reason it won’t get warmer tomorrow, unless the power’s on and the ventilation’s running again.


Edit: I just noticed I said “power” a lot in this post. Well, deal with it.