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As Valen­tine’s Day approach­es, my dar­ling wife starts drop­ping hints that get less sub­tle as time goes on. “Girls like flow­ers,” I’ll hear, and then “Flow­ers are cool”, and even­tu­al­ly “I like flow­ers, you know”. So what can I do? I bought some flow­ers. (I was going to any­way, sub­tle hints or no…)


Sun­set, through the trees, as seen from my bed­room win­dow. I promise not to post too many sun­set pho­tos. Honest.

This week­end at the Evans: Domi­no and Proof. Domi­no was loud, gar­ish, and vio­lent, and I’m sore tempt­ed to go see it again tonight. I enjoyed it; it had a triple-cross eth­ic that I remem­ber fond­ly from Elmore Leonard nov­els, and a larg­er-than-life most­ly-part­ly-maybe-true sto­ry, lots of blood, and good act­ing. I am a fan of Del­roy Lin­do, who plays the bail bonds­man that runs a boun­ty-hunter ser­vice. One caveat, though: If you don’t like vio­lence, or swear­ing, then maybe this ain’t the movie for you.

Proof was our favourite play in three years of Man­i­to­ba The­atre Cen­tre sea­son tick­ets, and it trans­lat­ed fair­ly well to the big screen. The one down­side was that they cut out our respec­tive favourite lines from the play.

Kath­leen’s favourite miss­ing line:

Robert: What’s for dinner?
Cather­ine: Pasta.
Robert: Pas­ta? Pas­ta? Even your meals have giv­en up. 

And mine:

Claire: Oh, I have such a hangover.
Cather­ine: What were you think­ing last night? Why did you keep drink­ing with that crew?
Claire: I thought I could keep up. I thought they’d stop. [mut­ter­ing] Fuck­ing physicists. 

All in all, a good week­end for movies.

Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.

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