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As Valentine’s Day approaches, my darling wife starts dropping hints that get less subtle as time goes on. “Girls like flowers,” I’ll hear, and then “Flowers are cool”, and eventually “I like flowers, you know”. So what can I do? I bought some flowers. (I was going to anyway, subtle hints or no…)


Sunset, through the trees, as seen from my bedroom window. I promise not to post too many sunset photos. Honest.

This weekend at the Evans: Domino and Proof. Domino was loud, garish, and violent, and I’m sore tempted to go see it again tonight. I enjoyed it; it had a triple-cross ethic that I remember fondly from Elmore Leonard novels, and a larger-than-life mostly-partly-maybe-true story, lots of blood, and good acting. I am a fan of Delroy Lindo, who plays the bail bondsman that runs a bounty-hunter service. One caveat, though: If you don’t like violence, or swearing, then maybe this ain’t the movie for you.

Proof was our favourite play in three years of Manitoba Theatre Centre season tickets, and it translated fairly well to the big screen. The one downside was that they cut out our respective favourite lines from the play.

Kathleen’s favourite missing line:

Robert: What’s for dinner?
Catherine: Pasta.
Robert: Pasta? Pasta? Even your meals have given up.

And mine:

Claire: Oh, I have such a hangover.
Catherine: What were you thinking last night? Why did you keep drinking with that crew?
Claire: I thought I could keep up. I thought they’d stop. [muttering] Fucking physicists.

All in all, a good weekend for movies.

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