Reminiscences (#1 in a series to come)

My wife remind­ed me of this one the oth­er day.

When you’re lovers in a dan­ger­ous time,
Some­times you’re made to feel as if your love’s a crime.
Noth­ing worth hav­ing comes with­out some kind of fight
You got­ta kick at the dark­ness till it bleeds daylight. 

Back when I lived in rez at the Uni­ver­si­ty, I had the uncan­ny knack, on request nights, of being able to get through to the radio sta­tion on the third try. Two rounds of busy sig­nal, and on the third attempt, vir­tu­al­ly with­out fail, I’d end up talk­ing to the DJ. So my friends usu­al­ly got me to call in their requests.

One night we were sit­ting around and my friend Jill came up with a request. The phone was passed to me, and on the third try, I got through:

Me: Hi, I’d like to request “Lovers in a Dan­ger­ous Time” by the Bare­naked Ladies.

DJ: Ok, is that going out to anyone?

Me: Yeah, I’d like to ded­i­cate it to Steve and Rico.

DJ: [long pause] …o‑o-o-o-o-kay.

It only occurred to me after I hung up that he might have had less hes­i­ta­tion in his voice if he’d known that Steve and Rico were Jil­l’s goldfish.

But they played the song anyways.

2 thoughts on “Reminiscences (#1 in a series to come)

  1. You for­got to men­tion the “Dead fish scrolls” and why it was dan­ger­ous to be Jil­l’s fish. Per­haps that’s a blog for anoth­er time…


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