Corpse Bride

On Thurs­day, we went to see Tim Bur­ton’s lat­est oeu­vre, Corpse Bride. The movie was good, but there was some­thing miss­ing. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I think I may have set myself up for a fall.

See, I have a bad habit of read­ing about films before I see them. The reviews I’ve read for CB were all very pos­i­tive, and so I went in with high expec­ta­tions. These hopes, while not dashed, weren’t all met, either. I can’t real­ly put my fin­ger on what was miss­ing, but I know that this film did­n’t have the same kind of appeal for me as The Night­mare Before Christ­mas did. (As he sits there in his Night­mare T‑shirt.)

Maybe it’s just that CB was miss­ing the sense of zany fun that Night­mare pos­sessed. I was look­ing for a quirky lit­tle com­e­dy, and I guess I got a quirky lit­tle comedy-drama.

Oh well. Like I said, I enjoyed the film. I did­n’t come out of the the­atre regret­ting spend­ing my mon­ey on it. It was excep­tion­al­ly ani­mat­ed, well-writ­ten, touch­ing, fun­ny, heart­break­ing, and on the whole a sat­is­fy­ing expe­ri­ence. Just… I don’t feel the press­ing need to see it again. (Unlike, say, Seren­i­ty.)


Just in case you were wor­ried I was snowed in, or something.

3 thoughts on “Corpse Bride

  1. Invis­i­ble Lizard had a fine review of CB, too (I have him on my blogroll, if you’re curi­ous). I thought it was okay. Not great, okay. I was­n’t a real big fan of Night­mare, though. For my mon­ey, Beetle­juice is still Bur­ton’s best, or close to it (I liked his Bat­man movies, too).

  2. Hi This is sinsational.

    I went to the movie’s a cou­ple weeks back with my sis­ter. We watched Lord of War, with Nicholas Cage. I did­n’t care for it. Corpse Bride was play­ing at the same time. After read­ingy­our post, kind of wish I’d pushed a lit­tle hard­er to get her to watch that one. She was dead set against it. I saw the night­mare before Christ­mas and rather enjoyed it.

    Cool to see anoth­er Cana­di­an on WBBS.


  3. Hi, Sin. Kind of cool to see anoth­er BBSer read­ing my blog. I see you’ve got an inter­est­ing lit­tle Hal­lowe’en chal­lenge going; I may have to sign in.

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