After the weekend

Well, we had a good BBQ week­end. I got hooked on Mon­day when Space ran all the episodes of Fire­fly all in a row. I watched about four of them, all told, through­out the day.

There was much drink­ing on Sun­day, and some unhap­py fall­out on Mon­day morn­ing, but the less said about that the better.

School start­ed today. My wife was a lit­tle har­ried at work last night, work­ing as she does in the shoe sec­tion at the local iter­a­tion of the largest retail con­glom­er­ate on the plan­et. Shoes and sta­tionery were not depart­ments I’d’ve want­ed to work yes­ter­day. But she sur­vived, and even escaped from the store rel­a­tive­ly close to on time.

And at the uni­ver­si­ty where I work, well, they were every­where. Every year, the first day of class­es is a lit­tle over­whelm­ing. In the spring, when class­es end, they kind of trick­le away, by ones and twos and dozens, depend­ing on when they have their last exams, etc. But in the fall, boom, one day they’re all there. The uni­ver­si­ty goes from a pop­u­la­tion of about 400ish to 3500 in the space of a day.

I need to lie down.

But I won’t, because judo starts tonight. Won­der how many’ll show up?

[Lat­er] Answer: sev­en. Me, two black­belts, three brand-new guys, and a gent who got his black belt in Japan, from the Kodokan, but who did­n’t have all his doc­u­men­ta­tion, so that’s got to be sort­ed out…

4 thoughts on “After the weekend

  1. Good­ness, my first com­ment spam. I feel all light-headed.

    Guess I have to turn on the zji­jok mag­ic word gen­er­a­tor now.

  2. Fire­fly is a West­ern in space. Seri­ous­ly. The back­sto­ry goes that the cen­tral plan­ets in the galaxy formed the Alliance, leav­ing the out­casts and ne’er-do-wells to live on the fringes of soci­ety, out on the fron­tier. The crew of the good ship Seren­i­ty — a Fire­fly-class freighter — make a liv­ing doing odd jobs for peo­ple who are kind of on the edges, both legal­ly and (some­times) mentally.

    To com­pli­cate things, they’ve got a cou­ple of fugi­tives aboard, as well as a preach­er and a “com­pan­ion” (read “high-end prostitute”).

    It’s a well-writ­ten show. If you have the chance, rent the DVD and see what you think.

    One of my favourite lines came when a woman had seduced / dis­abled the cap­tain and destroyed Seren­i­ty’s steer­ing after set­ting her on a course for a bunch of pirates. The pilot and the engi­neer were hun­kered down under the con­soles try­ing to fix the steer­ing while the rest of the crew were dis­cussing the vil­lain’s seduc­tion tech­niques. Final­ly the pilot — who had rebuffed the vil­lain’s advances (as he is mar­ried) only to get kicked in the head instead — said, “Every­one who is not talk­ing about sex can stay. Every­one else, get off the bridge!”

    And with that I say yfkytctb to you.

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