The BBQ weekend

Lisa (reading) “Come to Homer’s BBBQ, the extra ‘B’ is for BYOBB”.
Bart What’s that extra B for?
Homer That’s a typo.

So this Sunday we’re having some folks over for a barbecue (BYOBB, you bet), and then on Monday evening my wife’s cow-orkers are having a get-together featuring a barbecue too. To make the trifecta, I’ll be barbecuing tonight. It’s getting down to the end of the summer, after all, and soon there won’t be enough heat in the day to make me want to cook out on the deck.

I’ve pulled out a bag of hamburger (my in-laws have cattle, and so I have little plastic bags of ground beef in my freezer) and I’m trying to decide if the burgers I make for tonight will be spiced with the Cajun spice mix I got for Christmas from my sister, or if I’ll go the salsa route instead. Decisions, decisions…

2 thoughts on “The BBQ weekend

  1. Any mad cows in Canada yet?

    Why do you think the border was closed to beef for three-ish years? (Maybe it wasn’t news stateside, but it sure was up here.)

    Onion soup mix, eh? Next time. This time I used the Cajun spice mix — mmmm mmmm good.

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