The BBQ weekend

Lisa (read­ing) “Come to Home­r’s BBBQ, the extra ‘B’ is for BYOBB”.
Bart What’s that extra B for?
Homer That’s a typo.

So this Sun­day we’re hav­ing some folks over for a bar­be­cue (BYOBB, you bet), and then on Mon­day evening my wife’s cow-ork­ers are hav­ing a get-togeth­er fea­tur­ing a bar­be­cue too. To make the tri­fec­ta, I’ll be bar­be­cu­ing tonight. It’s get­ting down to the end of the sum­mer, after all, and soon there won’t be enough heat in the day to make me want to cook out on the deck.

I’ve pulled out a bag of ham­burg­er (my in-laws have cat­tle, and so I have lit­tle plas­tic bags of ground beef in my freez­er) and I’m try­ing to decide if the burg­ers I make for tonight will be spiced with the Cajun spice mix I got for Christ­mas from my sis­ter, or if I’ll go the sal­sa route instead. Deci­sions, decisions…

2 thoughts on “The BBQ weekend

  1. Any mad cows in Cana­da yet?

    Why do you think the bor­der was closed to beef for three-ish years? (Maybe it was­n’t news state­side, but it sure was up here.)

    Onion soup mix, eh? Next time. This time I used the Cajun spice mix — mmmm mmmm good.

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