Sometimes a screwdriver just ain’t enough.

Some­times you real­ly just want to dis­as­sem­ble the com­put­er with a sledgehammer.

A machine died at work today, and because it’s a web-fac­ing one, I got called about it. Looks like the moth­er­board is bro­ken, but sub­tly bro­ken; every­thing spins up, the key­board lights flash, but there’s noth­ing else, not even a POST beep, and the reset but­ton does­n’t do any­thing. Great. So I’ve put the dri­ve into a dif­fer­ent phys­i­cal machine, but of course it won’t boot. Com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent hard­ware. So I know what I’m doing tomor­row morning.

Okay, enough geek­i­ness. (Well, no, not real­ly. Enough com­put­er geekiness.)

Tonight I have judo, if any­one else shows up, and I’d like to write either some fic­tion or some PHP code. (Oops, there’s some more com­put­er geek­i­ness.) Or both.

I’ve seen a lot more drag­on­flies this year than in the past. On the oth­er hand, I’ve got a lot more mos­qui­to bites this year than any oth­er year in the city. (Grow­ing up in a small town with a slug­gish riv­er and lots of stand­ing water tends to make the lit­tle beg­gars pro­lif­er­ate some­thin’ fierce, but I haven’t lived there in over a decade…)

How’s the weath­er, folks?