Done step 8; starting step 9

So now I have the list of scenes / chap­ters (87 in total — appar­ent­ly part I has the most chap­ters in it…), and now I get to write the “scene expan­sion”. Then the first draft.

Lookin’ for­ward to it. And I’m still excit­ed by this sto­ry, which is a good sign, I think.

2 thoughts on “Done step 8; starting step 9

  1. I man­aged to put up a link to your blog on my blog. I’m always quite proud of myself when I write a suc­cess­ful bit of HTML — be it only a sin­gle line ;o)

    What’s your sto­ry about, by the way?

  2. The sto­ry is an expan­sion of my Queen­dom sto­ry (the first chal­lenge I ever par­tic­i­pat­ed in). The Queen­dom and the Con­gre­ga­tion meet up at Earth, which has been scoured clean of human life by some unknown event about 200 years ago. Earth is tech­ni­cal­ly in Queen­dom space, and so there’s a bit of a bat­tle, until some­one fig­ures out who the real ene­my is.

    Once I’m work­ing on an actu­al first draft, I’m plan­ning to post pieces of it online some­where (pos­si­bly on my .geek site) for peo­ple to read and (if they so choose) comment.


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