yet more snowflake

Work­ing on Part 8, the spread­sheet view of the sto­ry, chap­ter by chap­ter or maybe scene by scene. I did Part I tonight, and I wound up with 46 chapter/scenes in total. Some will be short; oth­ers will be longer.

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Snowflake cer­tain­ly was an inter­est­ing bat­tle plan, but I’m a bit sus­pi­cious of any Method-with-a-cap­i­tal‑M. I like the idea of doing the first few steps, but I don’t like the idea of fol­low­ing it out until the nth iter­a­tion. Leave that for the writ­ing itself.

    Inter­est­ing that you came up with 46 chap­ters. That’s about what my NiP is going to be. Warn­ing: it’s hard (for me, any­way) to imag­ine a well-paced book of that size com­ing in at under 200K words — unless, of course, you’re writ­ing chap­ters in the style of Von­negut, cir­ca Cat’s Cra­dle.

    See ya,


  2. Hi Pat. I feel like Doug ‑I like the snowflake method to begin the sto­ry but find it tedious to stick with it through­out. Nice blog 🙂


  3. I’m kind of skim­ming the Snowflake, doing most of it but leav­ing some of it to chance.

    And as far as the “chap­ters” go, it’s real­ly more scenes than prop­er chap­ters, probably.

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m a pret­ty damn lazy blog­ger, real­ly. (well, actu­al­ly, this is meant main­ly as a writer’s diary anyways.)

  4. And Doug: that’s 46 chap­ters in Part I. There are also Part II, Part III, and a brief Coda.

    But like I say, they’re less chap­ters and more scenes. Some of them will stand alone as chap­ters; oth­ers will like­ly be combined.

  5. I had an inter­est­ing email con­ver­sa­tion with Edwin recent­ly. I can’t recall if it was on the bbs or pri­vate. He’s doing his NiP with­out chap­ters, a la Ter­ry Pratch­ett. Per­son­al­ly, I love the struc­ture chap­ters pro­vide, but I know peo­ple man­age to make it work with­out chaps.

    46 scenes does sound manageable.


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