yet more snowflake

Working on Part 8, the spreadsheet view of the story, chapter by chapter or maybe scene by scene. I did Part I tonight, and I wound up with 46 chapter/scenes in total. Some will be short; others will be longer.

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Snowflake certainly was an interesting battle plan, but I’m a bit suspicious of any Method-with-a-capital-M. I like the idea of doing the first few steps, but I don’t like the idea of following it out until the nth iteration. Leave that for the writing itself.

    Interesting that you came up with 46 chapters. That’s about what my NiP is going to be. Warning: it’s hard (for me, anyway) to imagine a well-paced book of that size coming in at under 200K words — unless, of course, you’re writing chapters in the style of Vonnegut, circa Cat’s Cradle.

    See ya,


  2. Hi Pat. I feel like Doug -I like the snowflake method to begin the story but find it tedious to stick with it throughout. Nice blog 🙂


  3. I’m kind of skimming the Snowflake, doing most of it but leaving some of it to chance.

    And as far as the “chapters” go, it’s really more scenes than proper chapters, probably.

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m a pretty damn lazy blogger, really. (well, actually, this is meant mainly as a writer’s diary anyways.)

  4. And Doug: that’s 46 chapters in Part I. There are also Part II, Part III, and a brief Coda.

    But like I say, they’re less chapters and more scenes. Some of them will stand alone as chapters; others will likely be combined.

  5. I had an interesting email conversation with Edwin recently. I can’t recall if it was on the bbs or private. He’s doing his NiP without chapters, a la Terry Pratchett. Personally, I love the structure chapters provide, but I know people manage to make it work without chaps.

    46 scenes does sound manageable.


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