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Anoth­er excerpt from “Andy’s Party”:

Sher­ritt came in next, and while he was set­ting his six-pack of O’Meara down in the kitchen, Nia and her sis­ter Jes­sa were ring­ing the bell. The pair of them were a study in oppo­sites, Nia tall and dark-haired, her eyes a liq­uid, expres­sive brown, and Jes­sa small and blonde, with blue eyes that shone with a flat light, mask­ing what­ev­er went on within.

Sher­ritt, ever the gen­tle­man, car­ried the ladies’ coats down to the bed­room, and met up with them again in the kitchen.

What you drink­ing, Coke?” said Jes­sa as he poured from the bot­tle into one of Phil’s drink­ing jars.

No,” he said, “stout.” And had to explain what stout was, and give her a sip from his glass, at which she made a crinkly face and said, “Well, I won’t be steal­ing your beer tonight.”

More for me,” he said.

You got that right.”