Because this is the kind of thing blogging is meant for…

…stumbled across not one but two reviews of my short story “Resurrection Radio”.

The first:
“‘Resurrection Radio’ from Patrick Johanneson is another quality piece. Thought-provoking and original, it’s a fresh look at spirituality from a very down to earth position, written with real empathy. Its ending is particularly intelligent, the sort of thing to send you back to the beginning hunting for clues. Suddenly, it’s staring you in the face, but you’d never suspect. Foreshadowing at its best.”
—Martin Jenner, in SF Crowsnest

And the second:
“Patrick [Johanneson]’s Resurrection Radio is a chiller blended with the narrative trickery of someone like Bret Easton Ellis or Chuck Palahnuik, less meditative than some of the other stories in the issue but brilliant for all that, stirring a road-trip and psychopomps, hitchhikers and peyote into a deft, mesmerising whole.”
—Nelson Stanley, in the British Fantasy Society‘s website

I’ve been stoked all day because of these two reviews…

2 thoughts on “Because this is the kind of thing blogging is meant for…

  1. Cool. Where was RR published?

    I think I’d be stoked, too . . . except for the comparison to Ellis. I never liked that guy ;o) Knowing you, you had something to say; I’m not sure Ellis has a hell of a lot to say.

    Such a grouch tonight . . .


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