Geothermal baby!

Right this sec­ond, as I type this, water mixed with methyl* alco­hol is trav­el­ing out of my house, into pipes that plunge 110 feet ver­ti­cal­ly into the ground below my yard, and return­ing into my house. There, an expen­sive appa­ra­tus extracts the heat from the water and sends it back out to cir­cu­late some more.



* I think. Maybe it’s eth­yl. What am I, a chemist?

Almost Geothermal

Right now, as I type this, there are two men mak­ing mechan­i­cal nois­es in my base­ment. Tomor­row, first thing in the morn­ing*, I should have heat again; some­time after the long week­end** I should be pulling that heat direct­ly from the ground.

Woohoo, and it’s about time too.


* Assum­ing the elec­tri­cian shows up at 8 AM so I can let him in before I go to work.
** Some­times it’s awe­some being a Cana­di­an. Like when I look for­ward to hav­ing Mon­day off work, because it’s Thanks­giv­ing around here. Of course the flip side of that is that Thanks­giv­ing is the gate­way to winter.