What I did with my long weekend

Saturday my yard looked lovely, lush and green.

Look ma!  No fence!


Monday the drillers came.

Drilling time

And now my yard looks a little less idyllic, a little less lovely:


The drilling and the pipes are part of the “Let’s install geothermal heating and AC into the blue house” project. I’ll keep you updated as to the progress of said project.

2 thoughts on “What I did with my long weekend

  1. Really — geothermal? I wonder how deep they need to drill to get any heat. I didn’t know this could be done economically for a single home.

    How’s it going?

  2. They can, in fact. There are government incentives in place right now that will knock over $5000 off the cost of the installation, too.

    They drilled 8 holes, each 110 feet deep. That’s for a 4-ton unit, which is what we’re getting. A 3-ton unit, which would work if our house wasn’t quite so drafty, would require about 6 holes.

    It’s going well. The electrician is supposed to come tomorrow to upgrade our service to 200 amps, and then all that’s left is to get the furnace and the hot-water tank(s) installed.

    PS: I guess it depends how you define “economical”. This project is costing us about $20,000 before the rebates. Granted, those are Canadian dollars, but these days we’re still sitting pretty near to par with your currency…

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