The light, the light

Soft pale light on a grey wall

I went on cam­pus yes­ter­day for the first time in a month, and took a few min­utes to check just how emp­ty the Knowles Douglas/Student Union com­plex was. No lights were on; it was all lit, soft­ly, by the sun.

Above is the cor­ri­dor that con­nects the Stu­dent Union build­ing to the KD space, where the book­store and the cof­fee shop are. Below is a view of the closed cof­fee shop.

The coffee shop
For­bid­den Flavours, closed for now

And, as a bonus, today I saw a robin in the yard. I snapped a few pho­tos at a high zoom through the screen and win­dow. I think the lines of the screen con­tribute to the slight­ly sur­re­al look of the photo.

Robin redbreast in my yard
Robin on a downed branch