Writing Retreat: Days 3 through 5

Clouds above the field

It seems I’m a bit behind on the ol’ posts. Here’s a quick recap of Wednes­day to Friday:

  • wrote a bunch of words, though I’m a bit behind my goal;
  • went on a cou­ple quick bike rides, includ­ing one up the hill to the grave­yard (where I was tempt­ed to lie down, just for a moment, because that’s quite the hill) and the obser­va­tion tower;
  • con­tem­plat­ed going kayak­ing but decid­ed I was over­heat­ed, so went swim­ming instead to cool down;
  • drove to Win­nipeg for my nephew’s 19th birthday;
  • also went up to Clear Lake to vis­it my friend Tim;
  • and went out again on Fri­day night to attempt some Milky Way shots. 
Sunset on Clear Lake
Sun­set over Clear Lake.

This one was tak­en with my cam­er­a’s phone, using “Pro” mode, which lets you mess with expo­sure, aper­ture, all the fun stuff. (I got to show Tim how to turn on Pro mode on his phone, too.)

Milky Way
The Milky Way

By the time I got set up on Fri­day night to take pho­tos, the clouds, which had part­ed, had start­ed to roll back in. The above pho­to is one of the first I snapped. By the time I packed up, about twen­ty min­utes lat­er, my pho­tos were just orange-tinged cloud. (I’m not entire­ly hap­py with the pro­cess­ing on this one; it looks a bit lurid to my eye. But that could be the fault of the orange cloud at the bot­tom, and there’s not much I can do with that.)

Head­er pho­to: 50mm, f/1.8, 1/4000 sec­ond expo­sure, with a polar­iz­ing fil­ter to bring out the clouds. (Some­time I want clouds, some­times I don’t.)

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Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.