Memories of JJ, 6 — Tar Fumes

(This one’s Susie’s, but I’m stealing it.)

Dad was, shall we say, not a fan of The Simpsons. (Neither is Mom, for that matter.)

Susie was home for the weekend, or maybe for the summer. She was downstairs watching The Simpsons. It was the episode where Ralph falls in love with Lisa, and makes the mistake of telling Homer that he’d do anything for Lisa.

“Anything?” says Homer. Aaaaand smash cut to the scene above.

Just at that moment, Dad walked into the room. He laughed. And as I’ve mentioned before, Dad didn’t generally laugh aloud unless something really tickled him.

Susie gave him a Busted! look.

He still refused to watch The Simpsons, though.

My dad passed away recently. I’m going to be posting little memories of him for the next little while. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.