Things that make me happy

It’s Men­tal Health Week here at the uni­ver­si­ty, and so all week there are lit­tle things to try to dri­ve away the win­ter blahs. (Though the big melt yes­ter­day helped my mind­set, if no one else’s.)

Today they had free soup in the Min­gling Area. All you had to do was write down some­thing that makes you hap­py. I did­n’t par­take, for a cou­ple rea­sons: I tend to leave things like that for the stu­dents, to make sure they have enough, and (less altru­is­ti­cal­ly) it was Thai chick­en soup day at the cof­fee shop. (Mmmm.)

But con­tem­plat­ing things that make me hap­py sound­ed like a good idea, and so here is a nec­es­sar­i­ly incom­plete list:

  • Sun­shine
  • Kath­leen
  • Tri­fle
  • The guy who, see­ing that my hands were full, opened the door for me, say­ing “I got it, bro” [1]
  • Writ­ing
  • Free soup
  • Hap­pi­ness
  • Star Wars
  • Spring­time (mud and all)
  • Read­ing
  • the Beef ‘n’ But­tons sub from Piz­za Express
  • Cycling
  • Friends

[1]: I think that might be one of the first times I’ve ever been called bro by some­one that isn’t my sister.