Things that make me happy

It’s Mental Health Week here at the university, and so all week there are little things to try to drive away the winter blahs. (Though the big melt yesterday helped my mindset, if no one else’s.)

Today they had free soup in the Mingling Area. All you had to do was write down something that makes you happy. I didn’t partake, for a couple reasons: I tend to leave things like that for the students, to make sure they have enough, and (less altruistically) it was Thai chicken soup day at the coffee shop. (Mmmm.)

But contemplating things that make me happy sounded like a good idea, and so here is a necessarily incomplete list:

  • Sunshine
  • Kathleen
  • Trifle
  • The guy who, seeing that my hands were full, opened the door for me, saying “I got it, bro” [1]
  • Writing
  • Free soup
  • Happiness
  • Star Wars
  • Springtime (mud and all)
  • Reading
  • the Beef ‘n’ Buttons sub from Pizza Express
  • Cycling
  • Friends

[1]: I think that might be one of the first times I’ve ever been called bro by someone that isn’t my sister.