Whoa. Psychoanalytic criticism.

Some­one, back in 2013, took it upon him­self (or her­self) to run my vignette “Eat­ing Every­thing That Ever Was” ([avail­able in “Sev­en Very Short Sto­ries”) through the lens of Freudi­an lit­er­ary criticism.

And here it is.

My sto­ry starts on the 7th click, and the analy­sis hap­pens on the 8th. I had no idea I was writ­ing about a mother/son dynam­ic. (Though I sup­pose you could argue that I always am; that we always are.)

This is awe­some. (Also com­plete­ly kosher, per the CC that the sto­ry is licensed under.)