Black Bottle Man — the play


We attend­ed the pre­mière of the stage ver­sion of Craig Rus­sel­l’s Black Bot­tle Man. The play, like the nov­el, was quite enjoy­able. I was impressed at how the cast almost all took on mul­ti­ple roles. This was helped by the sto­ries-with­in-sto­ries fram­ing of the play.

The sto­ry held the same heart­break and hope the nov­el did. The good-vs.-evil strug­gle remained the core of the sto­ry; the strug­gle of a family–of many families–torn apart was just as wrench­ing. The trans­la­tion to stage was well done.

Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.