Compare & Contrast

Years and years ago we showed a film at the Evans called Hard Core Logo, a mockumentary about a punk band that reunited for one last tour, and spent the bulk of the tour re-hashing all the reasons they’d called it quits in the first place. (Spoiler: It doesn’t end real well.)

The soundtrack was a “tribute album” to a non-existent band (the eponymous Hard Core Logo), and as such it contained some great compare & contrast moments, where two bands with radically different sounds covered the same song.

My favourite contrast was the two versions of “Son of a Bitch to the Core”:

Lugen Brothers


I love both versions. If pushed to pick a winner, I’d probably give the edge to the Lugen Brothers’ country/roots version — their version of the character seems more bad-ass than the hard-rockin’ woe-is-me one in the Headstones’ version (I think the defining moment is “If you take me on, you’re gonna lose” vs. “If you take me on, I’m gonna lose”).