Burkina Faso

This inspired a bit of rem­i­nis­cence between me and a co-worker:

Pat J: I saw Ter­ror of Tiny Town live at SUDS
Pat J: and at the Unwinder, back in the day
Craig: yeah my bud­dy’s band opened for them at the Unwinder
Pat J: really?
Pat J: they changed their name like three times dur­ing their set, IIRC
Pat J: start­ed out Bitch Jihad and end­ed up Mag­num something
Pat J: or the oth­er way around
Pat J: TOTT was open­ing for some Cana­di­an grunge band
Pat J: after they played I left, because noth­in’ was gonna top what I’d just seen and heard
Pat J: not a sin­gle track on the CD I bought is a disappointment
Pat J: but Burk­i­na Faso is a favourite
Craig: I need to get a tape from my bud­dy — not sure what band they were when they opened…
Craig: Kil­go­re Trout maybe?
Craig: but they had a side project called Forces of Destruction
Craig: and they have a song called Grand Moff Tarkin
Craig: and it’s great
Pat J: they were Mag­num Jihad at the end, Sev­en Year Bitch at the start
Pat J: and Geoff Bern­er, the lead singer for TOTT, took the stage and said, “Let’s have a round of applause for, uh, Bitch Jihad, or what­ev­er that was”
Craig: haha