WordCamp Winnipeg

One great WordCamp, indeed.

I learned about Ian Stewart’s journey from utter WordPress “noob” to member (lead?) of the Automattic Theme Team.

I learned that there are still seven or eight things I don’t know about WordPress, courtesy of Sheri Bigelow.

I learned from tri.be’s Peter Chester how to fix WordPress when it’s slow (Find the slowest thing; fix it; rinse and repeat).

I taught an intimidatingly full room of people that WordPress Multisite isn’t really all that scary.

I learned from Reid Peifer about how you should manage a distributed team (final rule: GIVE A CRAP).

And I learned from Dave Pensato that while WordPress is awesome, it could probably be more awesome still. (Blinky FTW.)

Then I had some snacks and went to visit my family. A good day all around.

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