When I saw they were tearing Sassy’s down, my first thought was Oh, no.

day 314_sassy demolition

…I have a scene set in there in my novel-in-progress.

(It’s one of the places where the underground dwellers can come up above ground.)

Sassy’s, for the uninitiated, is was a downtown-Brandon dive bar.  For a long time it was a strip club, and by all accounts not a classy one. It’s the only place I’ve ever actually gone to see the strippers—during my low-key bachelor party, when we set the drink special at a pizza joint, then drank multicoloured drinks at the bowling alley—but that’s a story for another day.

Sassy’s also played host to the local instance of the smalls’ “Goodbye Forever” tour, to which I scored free tickets by putting up posters around the university. The stripper pole was gone, but the ceiling mirrors hadn’t been torn down.  The smalls played on a stage that I presume had been thoroughly cleaned.