Some of my short fiction — all the stuff I posted on Ficlets (RIP), for instance — is licensed with a rather permissive Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.  This means that when it turns up on a site like Compumatrix, I can’t request that it be taken down.

painted by Ron Hartgrove
From Ron Hartgrove’s “Book of Days” project

Not that this bothers me, really.  My words are being read, and sometimes in places I’d never expect.  Maybe it torques me a little that someone’s “monetized” my works, but I have the feeling that the money involved is pretty small.  (I don’t know; maybe “Wilma(logima)” is rolling in long green thanks to me.  I doubt I’ll ever know for sure. I also doubt I’ll lose sleep over it.)

Most of the ficlets that I wrote were dashed off in fifteen minutes; sometimes the hardest part was trimming them down to fit the site’s 1024-character maximum.  I’m glad people still find them so fascinating.

Places I’ve found my ficlets

I’m sure it’s popped up other places, some of which I’ll eventually stumble upon.  Like I said, the Ficlets are licensed permissively, and I have no intentions of trying to get any of them taken down.  (I’ll do what I can to make sure they’re properly attributed, of course.)  I’m just glad people are enjoying my fiction.

Speaking of which:  There’s more fiction over here, if you’re interested. (The bulk of which, please note, is not CC-licensed.)