Moving Home

Since it didn’t get accepted for the AE Science Fiction micro challenge, I’m revamping my short story “Moving Home”, expanding it a bit, and planning to submit it to some markets when it’s polished.

The “micro” in micro fiction was definitely a challenge; the story had to be less than 200 words, including the title.  When I finished the first draft, it was about 300 words, which meant I had to trim it by a third.

If I’d been smart, I’d have saved the original 300-word version, but I just started to hack and slash, removing colour and combining thoughts.  It was a good exercise — it forced me to choose my words very wisely — but I think I had a better story before the slicing.

Now, though — now I’m trying to recover what I subtracted, and it’s not there anymore. Well, it is, but it’s not exactly the same.  I’m chasing les mots justes and they’re eluding me.

Just one of those things, I guess. At least, without the 200-word limit, I can tell the full story. I’m not sure how long it’ll end up; I guess I’ll know that when I’m done.