The Evans Theatre

Part of the “web­mon­key” side of my pro­file:  I’ve been mon­key­ing with the Evans The­atre’s web­site, try­ing to make it look pur­ty and be use­ful. I’d like to think I’m close.

Have a look:  Evans The­atre’s new site

<nerd>It’s a hand-cod­ed Word­Press theme using respon­sive design con­cepts.  Check it out at var­i­ous brows­er widths — the images should (most­ly) scale nice­ly.  If you’ve got an iPhone or some oth­er pock­et brows­er, I’d love to hear comments.</nerd>

So?  Is it pur­ty, or what?

2 thoughts on “The Evans Theatre

  1. Site looks good on the iPhone, but I do notice that there are some titles (specif­i­cal­ly “Begin­ner” and “Of Games and Escapes / A Tell-Tale Haunt­ing”) where the text is longer than the enclos­ing ele­ment (what I assume to be or tags). This could be rec­ti­fied using a small font size, or stack­ing the ele­ments ver­ti­cal­ly. You may wish to con­sid­er a iPhone/Android spe­cif­ic app icons, so that the site is vis­i­ble from the home screen of said devices. Right now it just shows a com­pressed image of the site itself. 

    Oth­er than these minor issues, I think the site itself looks great, and is a fan­tas­tic improve­ment to the old site!

  2. So appar­ent­ly this thing will ren­der HTML tags too. I was com­ment­ing that the enclos­ing ele­ments are either div or span tags.

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