Coming Soon

If you want to have my short story “Exit Interview” emailed direct to your inbox, you’ll need to sign up for Daily Science Fiction, and soon.  My story’s coming in early August.

(If you don’t sign up, all is not lost; stories show up on their site about a week later, and I will for sure post a link to it here, and on Facebook, and on Twitter, and probably Google+ …)

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Just read your story, Exit Interview and found it excellent. An idea that hasn’t been used before!

    Just one thing to mention though, the difference between “ought”, loosely meaning should and aught meaning any or zero.

    Details, details… where would we be without them?

    Anyway, good job on the story.

    1. I ought to have thought of this for the first post,
      but I missed it. “Naught” would fit as well…

    2. Glad you enjoyed my little tale.

      As to “ought”: that was actually intentional. All through the story, Stella uses questionable word choices (“For cake’s sake”, “boondoggy”, etc, culminating in the one that still makes me, the author, giggle: “Oh, piss“). Just one more aspect of her, um, unfamiliarity with her place in this world, shall we say.

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