I’m doing nanow­rimo* this year. My sto­ry’s title is Once I Was You. Here’s the first snip­pet, from the 1244 words I wrote in an hour this morning:

As if on some silent cue, the doors of the school across the street at the far end of the park burst open, and chil­dren boiled out, their laugh­ter too qui­et to reach me. The buzzer sound­ed then, delayed by dis­tance, and the joy­ful noise of hun­dreds of six- to ten-year-olds washed over me, a rau­cous burst of mirth and mer­ri­ment, and even I, cold now of heart and mind, had to smile.

More to come, but right now I have to get to work. Toodles!


* the NAtion­al NOv­el WRIt­ing MOnth.