Tonight’s fiction

So in the midst of setting up a judo tournament, I took time to go to a writers’ group meeting.

At the last meeting, two weeks ago, we gave each other story prompts. Mine was: “A romance between a worm and a giraffe”. I was all, Thanks.

So here’s what I ended up with:

Sorry? I didn’t hear you.

Well, I heard that you said something, but not what you said.


Your voice is a little soft, that’s all I’m saying.



Can you hear me now?

Yes, much better. Where are you?

You can’t feel me?

No. Well, not right now. You know.

I’m in your ear, just inside the outer ear. Listen, you said yesterday that we need to talk. What’s up, babe?


Spill it. Spit it out.

All right. Listen, you know, we’ve been, well, we’ve been…together for a long time now, and I’m just, well, I’m just wondering where you see this going. You know?

Eight days is a “long time”?

Don’t dodge the question. My mother–

Yeah, I thought she might’ve–

Don’t let’s start. Can we start over?

Sure. We need to talk?

Yes. Where are we going, hon?

Well, I’m enjoying myself, I thought you were enjoying yourself too…

I am, I am. Oh believe me, I am.

Why do you need to put labels on things, then? Are we lovers? Are we goin’ to the chapel, gonna get married? Why can’t two grown creatures just, you know, enjoy themselves?


Babe, if you need to ask the question, do you want the answer? Think on that one.

That doesn’t even make any sense.

Exactly. Noodle on that one for a while.

Whatever, listen, I just told my mother I’d ask. Because she’s got this need to know. You know?

Are you happy?

I… Yes. Yes I am, love.

Then the hell with your mother’s nosing. You and me, babe, we’re all we need.

You’re right. You know what? Screw her. Screw her meddling ways!

That’s the spirit, babe. Anything else?


Thought that might not be all. What now? Your dad wants to know if I follow football?

No. This one’s from me. I kind of, well… I want to know… With worms, it’s so hard to tell sometimes…

What? Tell what? Know what?

Well, are you… Are you male or female?

Hmmm. Tough question, I kind of got both goin’ on, you know? Worms, like you say. Hard to define. Hard to pin down.

I know. But when you think about yourself, you know, do you think of yourself as male, or female?

What’s it matter? This is your dad asking, isn’t it?

No, no. I just… I just want to know if I’m… well. I want to know if I’m gay or straight.

Oh baby. You and your labels.

For next meeting, in another fortnight, I’m supposed to have a completed outline of my WiP, the novel Once I was you.

Next time: » Shiai!