The hook

Every time your heart beats, a ghost peels away from you. Invis­i­ble, weight­less, this per­fect copy of the state of your mind ascends, ris­ing into the dark of the eter­nal night, bound for the dis­tant edge of space­time and the unimag­in­able con­flict that will inevitably arise there, some­day, between entropy and hope.

How’s that for a hook? Make you want to read more?

Well, it’s the open­ing for my cur­rent work-in-progress, a long project (prob­a­bly nov­el-length) titled Once I was you. It deals with the even­tu­al fate of the human race, and the fates of sev­er­al oth­er civ­i­liza­tions far more ancient, too.

Inter­est­ed? I am.