It’s not so much what she’s saying, it’s how she’s saying it

So I’m walk­ing over to the machine room to reboot a serv­er, since there’s a cri­sis going on (peo­ple can’t log in to a web­site). There’s a cou­ple sit­ting on the bench by the win­dows — cute girl, guy wear­ing one of those toques with strings*. They’re hav­ing a chat, turned to more or less face one another**.

As I pass, I hear her side of the con­ver­sa­tion: “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

It goes from an “awwwww” moment to an awk­ward one in just a mil­lisec­ond. I keep walk­ing, because I’m not sure I want to hear his response.

I leave the machine room after the server’s reboot­ed, and they’re already gone.


*That’s pret­ty much all I noticed about him.
** As much as you can, sit­ting side-by-side on a wood­en bench.