Music I’m enjoying tonight

Baddd Spellah featuring MC Frontalot, “Rhyme of the Nibelungs”:

…the music’s hella stupid, it don’t got no beats
and that’s the twenty-second time I heard the leitmotiv
and I cite no grief but opera ain’t for me
it’s for the type of people who listen to the CBC

Corb Lund*, “Brother Brigham, Brother Young”:

Now I believe your revelations, Brother Brigham, Brother Young
I now believe your revelations, every one
Even the ones beyond all reason, Brother Brigham, Brother Young
Even the ones beyond all reason, Brother Young

Peeping Tom, “We’re Not Alone”:

We’re not alone in this psychodrome, and I don’t wanna lose ya
Our love is made like a Starbucks chain and we’re takin’ over this neighbourhood

Tragically Hip, “At the Hundredth Meridian”:

Drivin’ down a corduroy road
Weeds standing shoulder-high

Barenaked Ladies, “Helicopters”:

This is where the allies bombed the school
They say by mistake
Here nobody takes me for a fool
Just for a fake

Terror of Tiny Town, “Burkina Faso”:

Mr. Thompson was overqualified
So he offered to poke out his extra eye
You should’ve seen it, it was quite a show
But then I had to let him go

And so it goes…

* Whose concert I will be attending.