In the hall of the awesome king

I don’t know much about clas­si­cal music, but I know what I like. I’ve always liked “In the Hall of the Moun­tain King”*.

Last night, I was dri­ving home after see­ing Want­ed**, I heard “In the Hall” on the radio. Then it switched to this:

It was awe­some. Thanks, Randy Bach­man! You made my night.


* If ItHofMK isn’t clas­si­cal music — if it is, in fact, baroque or roco­co or pas­tiche or water-ele­men­tal music — rest assured that it is far more clas­si­cal than the rest of the music I lis­ten to.
** Don’t both­er. Unless you like loud, vio­lent revenge fan­tasies fea­tur­ing ludi­crous physics and 0.9 sec­onds of Angeli­na Jolie’s naked butt.