I went and saw the new Indy Jones pic­ture-show* tonight, and…


…it was­n’t the film I was hop­ing for, but I sup­pose it was the film I was expect­ing.

Too many know­ing nods to the audi­ence; too many hat-relat­ed gags, like they’re try­ing to work an entire tril­o­gy’s worth into one script; too much of Shia Leboeuf**—who may be a fine actor in his own right, I have no idea, but he’s not up to par with Har­ri­son “Hen­ry Jones Jr.” Ford; and an over-the-top cli­max that made me feel like they were try­ing to out-every­thing everything.

It almost felt like they made the movie, watched it, and said, “Needs more… some­thing.” So they crammed it right full of in-jokes, winks, and armies of CG mon­keys, ants, and gophers, when what it need­ed was more, let’s see, coherence.

Indi­ana Jones and the King­dom of the Crys­tal Skull: It’s like Raiders of the Lost Ark, with more cowbell.


* You know. The talky.
** I’m sure I spelled that wrong, but I’m not inclined to look it up.