…or “What I had to do for a sil­ver medal”.

I’m the one being thrown.


The throws are, in order:

Uki-oto­shi (“float­ing drop”)
Seoi-nage (“shoul­der throw”)
Kata-guru­ma (“shoul­der wheel”)*

Uki-goshi (“float­ing hip throw”)
Harai-goshi (“sweep­ing hip throw”)
Tsuriko­mi-goshi (“lift­ing-pulling hip throw”)

Okuri-ashi-harai (“side­ways foot sweep”)
Sasae-tsuriko­mi-ashi (“block­ing lift­ing-pulling foot throw”)
Uchi-mata (“inner thigh throw”)

Each one is per­formed right-hand­ed and left-handed.


* Which impress­es every­one, but real­ly isn’t that bad of a land­ing, if you know what you’re doing.

4 thoughts on “Nage-no-kata

  1. Hey that was awe­some guys sor­ry I could­n’t be at the tour­na­ment to help out I had dates mixed up. I’ll be back in April I enjoyed the class alot.

  2. No bruis­es, no. I hurt more after a prac­tice, gen­er­al­ly, than I did dur­ing the Real Thing. That last throw in par­tic­u­lar, uchi-mata, can be a thump of a land­ing, but in the tour­na­ment it was the soft­est uchi-mata land­ing I’d had to that point.

    Now I just want to do the kata as tori, the thrower.

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