Unpleasant realization

From the front mat­ter of Steven Brust’s Fire­fly fan-fic(ish) nov­el (found via Scalz­i’s What­ev­er):

For peo­ple who care about such things, the book was writ­ten in emacs on a box run­ning Man­drake Lin­ux, then I used OpenOf­fice to for­mat it for print­ing. The final lay­out for online pub­li­ca­tion was cre­at­ed with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acro­bat. Peo­ple who care about such things need to get a life. 

I got to the last sen­tence and thought, Aw, that’s me.

(Of course, when I read the first sen­tence, I thought, Good heav­ens, man, there’s One True text edi­tor, and that’s vi. Go go gad­get :%s/]*>//gi .

It would seem that I’m a nerd.)