Some fiction for you

One of my recent ficlets, one that I’m par­tic­u­lar­ly proud of:

The Trick

You want to see a trick?”

Her eyes nar­rowed. “What kind?”

Like noth­ing you’ve ever seen,” he said, and took a swig straight from the bot­tle. Red wine stained his teeth. “Promise.”

All right.” She leaned back in the chair as he stood up, crossed to the cen­tre of the room, and did some kind of odd shoul­der-shrug­ging warmup dance. He’d left the bot­tle on the table, and she took it, wrapped her lips around it, and chugged what remained of the wine. She had a buzz going and wasn’t about to lose it.

With­out pre­lude, with­out scream­ing, with­out any warn­ing what­so­ev­er, he burst into flames. In per­fect silence he burned, star­ing into her soul with those intense grey eyes he had.

She dropped the bot­tle. It shat­tered, green shards every­where. She want­ed to scream but could­n’t. She stared as he was consumed.

There was a pile of ash and a black spot on the hard­wood, and no oth­er evi­dence he’d ever existed.


The door opened and he walked in. She leapt from the reclin­er, embraced him, and said, “How’d you do it?”

It’s not always easy, fit­ting a com­plete sto­ry into 1024 char­ac­ters, but this time it just sort of happened.