Viking kitties

So I’ve been work­ing in my base­ment for the last few weeks. This means I’ve been lis­ten­ing to rather more radio than I usu­al­ly do.

There are two music sta­tions in town that I like, and in the car I’ll switch back and forth quite hap­pi­ly between “Local Town’s Best Rock” and the col­lege sta­tion. But in the base­ment, on my wife’s lit­tle pink stereo that she’s had for who knows how long, the col­lege sta­tion does­n’t come in so well. (Unless you like sta­t­ic.) So I’ve large­ly been lis­ten­ing the Best Rock sta­tion. They like to play Led Zep­pelin, and some­times they like to play Led Zep­pelin’s “Immi­grant Song”.

Which would be fine, if I’d nev­er seen this.

There. I dare you to not think of that lit­tle piece of online bril­liance the next time “The Immi­grant Song” comes on the radio.