On and off my meds

Days I’ve been hiccuping: 9.

I had my wisdom teeth removed on May 10th; since then I’ve had on-and-off bouts of hiccuping lasting, oh, three or four hours at a stretch. It’s really quite distressing. Okay, it’s !@#$ing irritating. You wormed it out of me.

I’ve been to two doctors about it. The first one suggested a low dosage of Haldol, which is an anti-psychotic (really). That didn’t seem to make a whit of difference, though, and so the next one prescribed something else, a muscle relaxant used to treat multiple scelrosis patients. He also prescribed a tiger-striped antibiotic for what appears to be an infection that’s got my right cheek puffed out almost comically. (Well, others might find it comical. Since it’s also tender, I’m a little less amused by it.)

So here’s hoping that the new drug stops my hiccuping. It’s had some effect already; right now I’m hiccuping, but for an hour or so while I played Lego Star Wars earlier today, I was fine.