Nerd alert

I’m writ­ing this entry on my new nerd box.

The oth­er day I bought a sur­plus com­put­er from the local school divi­sion. It cost me all of $35. It’s a 1.1GHz machine with a 20-GB hard dri­ve and 128 MB of RAM. I brought it home, burned Xubun­tu to a CD, and slapped in an extra 256MB DIMM and a wire­less net­work card from my (dead) pre­vi­ous nerd box. My friend Kevin (who’s anoth­er com­put­er geek) came over, and we fired her up. After a cou­ple false starts (most­ly involv­ing the onboard video, which was­n’t capa­ble enough), we got Xubun­tu running.

Kevin had to leave, and I had some fid­dling left to do (most­ly with the wireless–I had to fig­ure out how to enable WEP so my neigh­bours can’t leech inter­net from me, not that they would), and by 9 PM tonight I had it hum­ming along just peachy freakin’ keen.

So the moral of the sto­ry? I’m awe­some. Maybe as awe­some as Xubun­tu, though that might be push­ing it.

The intent is to use the nerd box as a writ­ing and surf­ing machine. From what I’ve seen so far, it should be more than capa­ble in those roles.